Tell us how you met and the proposal?

We have been friends for so many years and one evening we shared our first kiss. 2 and a half years later we got married!   Proposal was such a surprise to me, I had no idea, we went to a game farm with friends and ended up going for a sun downer on the Olifants River and he proposed!

How did you decide on the theme and colour pallet?

I’ve always had the love for the forests energy and feel, the one place that always makes me feel at ease. And to top it all off has my favorite colour tones, (Greens) so we went with that, lots of ferns and greens, then the purples, its also my other favorite colour.


How long did the Wedding planning take?

Not too long, the biggest thing about weddings is they seem to drag up all the emotions politics around you, the one thing Dwayne was so right about was that it’s not supposed to be a stressful unpleasant few months while you are busy planning. It’s meant to be a happy exciting time, this advice helped a lot when it came to dealing with all the little snags that did come up.  Planning took roughly 9 months, at a relaxed pace.

Any DIY’s that went into your gorgeous day?

Yes.!!! I like the creative side of things,  so I designed and decided on all the signage and Thank you gifts.

Any advice for other couples planning their wedding day?

You cannot keep everyone happy, so there will without a doubt be some kind of issue that pops up, don’t let it dampen your spirit whilst you planning. It’s you and your partner’s special day, and no one else’s.

Suppliers that made the big day possible:

Décor: Bianca Christie from Vanilla Pod Design  

Another big area was the Food (Zest Restaurant) -  Their food as always was amazing and then the music,  as we had so many different types of people to keep dancing,  Jaydon D and his team that he put together for the evening. 

Lastly the lovely venue,

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