Harmonie protea Family portraiture

Sonja & Gerhard

We had the privilege to capture the family portraiture of Sonja and Gerhard at Harmonie protea. It’s only been yesterday when we captured the remarkable couples wedding day 2 years ago *well if feels only like yesterday* . And what better reunion with them with a wonderful laid back family shoot. Filled with Protea farm fields and open doors. Their two wonderful children Abi and  GJ  was so wonderful to work with and had so much fun with them they enjoyed the open doors and fields of different fynbos and Protea flowers surrounding them in an adventurous feeling. We hit early the morning at the venue Harmonie Proteas. who was so kind to help us with this wonderful family shoot. The winds was so hectic and unpleasant on the day but we managed to capture the most beautiful moments.

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  1. Sonja Coetzee
    Wow, wow, wow. Yet again you did more than a perfect shoot. Thank you is not enough, we truly enjoyed the photoshoot, and capturing such beautiful memories. Daniel E Appelgryn you are such an angel, and we are glad that we can call you OUR PHOTOGRAPHER for life.

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