We had so much fun working and Capturing this amazing couple. Captured at the oh so beautiful venue and farm. Harmonie proteas hosting a dreamy location with fields of different plant species of proteas.

This was formally their first photoshoot together but from the start they matched perfectly and where so natural. we truly can see how they fell in love with each other.


How did they meet, following to the proposal?

A set up through mutual friends Hamish and Chandre met each other, and from there the love between them started growing over the past 4 years. Hamish decided to pop the question; "The proposal happened 17 Dec 2017 at Hamish family estate farm in the Karoo. The day Chandre’s parents arrived we went walking on one of the hills that looks over the farm. With the family all together Hamish asked Chandre to Marry him.

What was your experience with us. During the session?

We had honestly a really amazing and professional session. All was perfectly arranged and we never felt uncomfortable while having the session.

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