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Most brides set aside 4-5 hours for the morning preparations. It’s usually more than enough time if everything goes according to plan. But as most leading wedding vendors can tell you. NOTHING goes as planned. Well not on paper though.

Choosing the right supplier for your wedding is important and not just the right price. The best vendors come with a “tag”. This is because of years of work and experience. To save every penny as you go can sometimes lead to a disaster. Choose that perfect artist in his/her field carefully.

Here are a few tips and advice to make sure the your ready for your big day. straight from the best in the wedding biz.



" Any successful wedding day starts with a relaxed, stress-free bride. There's such a huge lead up to the big day, and before you know it the day has arrived and you feel unprepared.

YOU are the bride and you will be the main focus at the wedding, so leave a little time for yourself to make the best of the time leading up to your wedding day.

This is a list of some mistakes that bride’s make leading up to the wedding day, and that most makeup artists would love for you to know.

It makes our job easier and will probably prevent that feeling of regret when you didn’t go the extra mile for yourself to ensure that on the morning of the wedding, you are the glowing and confident bride that you have imagined.

You will wake up the morning of your wedding may be a little nervous and excited for the day ahead, but that can quickly change into a flat panic when things don’t go as planned. Make sure that you and your bridesmaids arrive on time for makeup and hair. If your late all your morning suppliers are late and that can lead to you feeling more nervous and stressed.

  1. Waxing or tweezing your face within 48 hours of the makeup application.

Makeup won't sit properly on freshly waxed or tweezed skin and the area will be red and sensitive. There is also the risk of having a reaction to the wax and that leading to a breakout or rash. So make sure to book your appointment about 4 days before.


  1. Trying out a new facial or skincare routine too close to your wedding day.

Any time you try a new product on your face, you run the risk of breakouts and irritation, so start treatments at least 2-3 months before the wedding to give your skin time to adjust and you will see better results.


  1. Stay hydrated
  2. The best thing you can do for your appearance is to drink lots of water. Hydration helps your skin stay moisturized and glowing. Makeup will always look better and last longer on skin that is well hydrated.


  1. Pimple popping


It is normal to get some pimples when you're stressed, but popping pimples can lead to infection as well as causing scabs.

Even though it is easy for most makeup artists to cover discoloration (red), trying to conceal the texture of the skin is difficult.


  1. Not getting enough sleep


Skin and a good night’s sleep go hand in hand, if you don’t get enough sleep you will start to notice bags or puffiness around your eyes and dull skin. Your skin is busy regenerating itself while you sleep and that means better skin elasticity, a better complexion and of course a better makeup application.


"Do not take control of your big day you’re the bride and so have a stress free and relaxed day, everything’s good and in order. That’s why you need someone in charge such as a Wedding planner/coordinator or maid of honor. Let them take the lead.

My suggestion is that the Bride keep the following prepared for the hairstylist having a basic station

Ready for us to start working is essential:

-    Table and chair

-    Plug/s

-    Enough light and space

Bride: please DO NOT wash your hair on the day of the wedding. This is important washing can take natural oils off your hair and can dry your scalp. And worse, as it will then have a mind of its own. It will be too soft and hairstylists like to have control over your hair on your special day.



"As my personal experience, a supplier can make or break your day. Everything needs to be a tie in, like a big puzzle. Every peace is important.

not following most wedding profesional tips can lead to them working longer then planned.

Makeup and hair can take time, it’s an artist working in action and perfection is key. A photographer’s master photographs always start with good hair and makeup.

  1. Make sure, there is more than enough time set aside to have EVERYONE’S hair and makeup done one hour before you walk down the aisle.

A photographer needs one hours’ time to take the bridal portrait shots with you and your bridesmaids and dressing up photographs.

Follow these simple steps and trust in your vendors. They come with years and a dozen wedding experience. and you shoul have a stress free and late free wedding day.



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